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Presentation tips when selling your home

10 Jul 2017 professionalsrockingham 0 Comment


By Craig Small – Licencee/Director of Sales, Professionals Rockingham

Presentation tips when selling your home

Let’s face it. When we are selling a home, we all want the same outcome. That is, to achieve the best possible price that potential buyers will pay. If you are thinking of selling your property, one of the most important things to consider is the overall presentation of the home. If you really want to achieve the highest possible price when competing with other homes in the market, presentation is key.

Internal Presentation

Decluttering – Always ensure that excess items such as toys, bags & boxes are stored away out of sight and that your own personal photos are kept to a minimum. Remember that the buyers are trying to picture themselves living in the home, too many personal effects can make this difficult.

Paint & Carpets – Paint chips and scuff marks can ruin the presentation of a home. Touch up where needed, or repaint if necessary. Similarly, worn or marked carpet can be very off putting for buyers. Commercial cleaning or replacement of carpets can significantly increase the value of your home.

Cleanliness – Nothing is more likely to deter buyers than an unclean or untidy home. This includes windows, sliding door tracks, sinks and tile grout. For busy sellers, it can often be advisable to hire professional cleaners prior to listing their property for sale.

External Presentation

Gardens – Ensure that lawns are mowed and that garden beds are weeded & mulched. Great street appeal is crucial, as buyers often like to drive by prior to arranging an appointment to inspect the property.

Patios & Garages – Patios need to be clean and free of clutter, high pressure cleaning can also give patios and paving a lift. Garages & sheds are often neglected areas when it comes to presenting a home for sale. These also need to be decluttered with tools etc put away and floors swept.

Gutters & Eaves – Clean, freshly painted gutters and facias really enhance the presentation of a home. Water stained or mouldy eaves are also unattractive to buyers, these should be cleaned or painted as required.

Give buyers the right feeling

Buying a home is a decision than is often made based on emotion, that is, on how a home makes the buyer feel. Your property is usually just one of many properties a buyer will see, so it’s important that they see it in the best possible light. When it comes to presenting your home for sale, the more desirable your property appears to buyers, the higher your sale price is likely to be.


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